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Articles and interviews in the mainstream media:

 Our Kind of People. Boston Globe 7/16/2012

. Boston Globe 7/09/12

Island Practice. Boston Globe 6/04/2012
When Competitive Bidding Hurts Patients. New York Times 5/16/2012.

Social Networks of Disease. New York Times. 4/29/2012.

Changing Parental Attitudes On Child Vaccinations. (Pacific Standard). 4/18/2012

Welterusten: ga niet pas slapen als er echt niets leuks meer te verzinnen valt. Ode (Netherlands) May 2012

The Undead. Boston Globe 3/19/2012.

The Creative Destruction of Medicine. Boston Globe 2/13/2012.

How we do harm. Boston Globe 1/30/2012

The end of Illness
. Boston Globe 1/23/2012.

Health Care Reform
.  Boston Globe 12/19/2011

Seeing Haiti’s Distress as People, Not Statistics
. 11/14/2011.

“Remedy and Reaction” by Paul Starr
. Boston Globe 10/31/2011.

“Trauma” by Dr. James Cole
. Boston Globe 10/10/2011

What to do with the preschooler who won’t stay in bed
. 9/21/2001

Prescription drugs, lies and greed
. Boston Globe 9/19/2011.

We must promote special training for pediatricians
. Provincetown Journal 7/08/2011.

Breast feeding in Haiti
Radio interview KCRW (NPR) Good Food. 6/25/2011

How advances will alter the medical landscape
. Boston Globe 6/06/2011

Unhealthy effects in Ryan’s budget plan. Boston Herald 6/02/2011

Without his milk, a Haitian boy is lost. New York Times 4/26/2011

Delivering care to youths in need.  Boston Globe 4/22/2011

Ethical gray zones put the Hippocratic ideal in jeopardy. Boston Globe 3/16/2011

Patrick’s cuts pose long term health risks. Boston Globe 2/24/2011

Early diagnosis isn’t always a good thing. Boston Globe 1/27/2011

Haiti’s rescuers imperiled, too. Boston Herald 1/25/11

Weighing in on the causes of obesity. Boston Globe 1/10/11

Haiti: one year after the earthquake. Half hour television interview on “Books and Beyond”, New TV, January 2011

Waggoner shouldn’t be presumed guilty: Haiti’s hasty judgment. Boston Herald. 12/29/10

No holiday from misery in Haiti. Boston Herald. 11/29/10

The horror in Haiti up close. Radio interview for Radio Boston, WBUR 11/19/10. Link:

A light look at some heavy mistakes. Boston Globe. 10/25/10

Weighing the Lives of Babies in Haiti. New York Times 9/28/10

Unhealthy alliance: Big Pharma, physicians. Boston Globe. 9/17/10

Raising Doctors to Treat Children. New York Times. 7/23/10

In ‘Fever,’ examining malaria’s ruthless history. Boston Globe. 7/07/10

Hope, helping hand owed to Haiti. Boston Herald. 6/01/10

These detectives solve medical mysteries. Boston Globe. 5/03/10

Down syndrome upside. Boston Herald. 4/10/10

Tying the rise in mental illness to drugs used in its treatment. Boston Globe. 4/14/10

Can mother’s milk lead to disrupted sleep patterns? EDDIE report. 1 (3) 9 Fall 2009. IncludED Educational Services, Cedarhurst,New York.

Can poor sleep increase the risk of infections? EDDIE report. 2 (4) 12 Winter 2010. IncludED Educational Services,Cedarhurst, New York.

Publications in medical journals and texts: 

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